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Emunah La-Paz 1992
Photographer Scott Foust

Emunah La-Paz was born in Montgomery Alabama in 1971. Born Vicki L. Williams, she  spent part of her childhood in Kiserslaughtern Germany, due to her fathers career in the military. Her family settled in Arizona. La-Paz’s interest were modeling, photography, and writing. In 1997 La-Paz signed with a top agency in Arizona. Writing and studying fashion became a passion for La-Paz.

Emunah La- Paz Scott Foust 

Emunah La-Paz Photographer Scout Foust 

La-Paz’s modeling career began with 
Commercial  jobs and magazine jobs which included
SBH magazine in the early 90’s

Mizani Add Featuring Emunah La-Paz

La-Paz’s first short introduction  novel
Chocolate Burnout
In the late 1990’s
Making room for a series by
Popular demand and critical praise

Emunah La-Paz Scout Foust Photographer

La-Paz’s  Career in modeling lead to 
Industrial films, and services pointing 
in the direction of the movie industry 

Barnes And Nobles In Phoenix Az 2012

La-Paz’s second book ‘Memoir of A Jaded Woman:
Tainted Love’, was referenced off of
Life in the model industry centering around women and the
Insecurities that they face in the field and in their relationships.
The Memoir based on real life issues loosely based on 
Interviews and research extended into a soul searching 
Journey for women looking for meaning beyond the  scope
of the world’s definition of Peace.

Emunah La-Paz Memoir of A Jaded Woman:
 Tainted Love

On the upper right hand side seen with inspirational 
Speaker and Women’s Group Leader Author Kim Corder
Also seen with inspirational business woman Susan David. 

Dani’s Agency Filming Portion

La-Paz’s interest in the film industry, sparked the
opening of her own production company,
 Little Ant Productions LLC.. Although plans
for the Agency started in the early 90’s the company 
began private contracting for major movie companies in
2011. La-Paz’s company handles a variety of interest 
from, fashion, photography, tv series, art, makeup,
music, film and more.

EmunahbLa-Paz Photograper Nance Hall

Emunah La-Paz continued to expand upon her
Writing career becoming a bestselling author in 1999
as well as a Children’s Author for the book kindred Spirits.

                                La-Paz and daughter Lavender Lashay

In 2018 La-Paz, launched Model Intelligent LLC.  through her Production company. M.I. Features MUA, fashion, and uniqueTopics within the entertainment industry as well as the introductory of classic photography and creative fashion through the lenses of modeling.

One of the first modeling opportunities was through
the talented Rihanna. 
Rihanna’s flare for business
launched Fenty Beauty. M.I.’s launch showcased
The groundbreaking make-up line as well as their journey
behind the scenes of the mother and daughter history. 

Emunah La-Paz 
On a promotional shoot for book Signing 

Author Emunah La-Paz 
Promotional shoot for signing &
Web launch

Author Emunah La-Paz
2022 Photo By R2 Digital

Author Emunah La-Paz’s
Seasoned release ‘Chocolate Burnout:Chocolate 4Life
Makes its official release after 
 years in the  in the grooming process. Through 
Hubbard Small Press Publications LLC.
June 7, 2022. Through the Grooming Process that took
years  in a making. HSP, preparation throughout out
the years lead to international distribution. 
I’m addition, Big Business such as Walmart, introduced the
series into their database. As well as international business
Are well known international distributions out of South Korea,
and Japan. Through the Frankfurt  Book Fair other distributors
World wide have been introduced. The opportunity for
the Author’s variety of novels have been in the spotlight as well.


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